Transitional Period

Transitional Period

So 2015 was a bit of interesting time for me. I put my focus on making products for the second half of the year. Around May of last year, I decided that I wanted to make tangible goods with my photography on them. A little minimalist, a little dark. So I started out having tote bags with my images printed on them, that progressed into cards, and tee shirts. I have a few more ideas coming up for 2016 as well. I got into my first retail store Simply Local in North Park, did my first Holiday Market at San Diego Made with my products, did a few more events and started an online Etsy shop! For me the exciting part about making these things is they all start off as an experiment. I play around with the design until I find a crop I like, or I make it even more abstract.

This year my goal is to get in a few more stores with my products, do another craft fair, make a few new products and shoot a lot more portraits.


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