Finding My Truth

Finding My Truth

After a two month blog hiatus I’m back. For the last two months I’ve been thinking about my truth, and what it is. How I can convey it to people and what it means to me. My vision for a portrait studio is becoming more clear. The goal I am working towards. The gift I want to give people as I take their portrait and give them an experience, not just images. To feel a real connection with someone and provide something of meaning. A truth to them as much as to myself. I’ve been guiding myself slowly but surely, in hopes that I will find my way. After retreating for a bit and surrounding myself with as much beauty and serenity as I could I am back refreshed and ready to continue my journey.

I have some new exciting projects on the horizon which I’ll keep under wraps for now until it’s ready.

But I’d like to take a minute to write about creating. I am going to spend more of my time doing/making creating. Creating things of beauty, things of balance, things of serenity, things that I adore, things that fulfill me. If I stopped this all tomorrow that is what I would miss. The making something that wasn’t there before, working with wonderful people. Building connection, collaborating it’s everything to me. Sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into not creating and just trying to finish things, and forgetting about the process. The process can be overwhelming but it’s the process I enjoy. Not even just photography, making art, I want to start sewing again. Creatively and collectively these things are a piece of me that I would like to include in my sessions.

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