Ever Evolving, Always Beautiful

Ever Evolving, Always Beautiful

Beauty, it’s a topic most of us have discussed. What is it? Who has it? It seems to be an exclusive, unobtainable thing. We’re told that beauty fades, that you have it at one time in your life and that it leaves. I don’t believe that. I think beauty is ever evolving. As we grow older things in our lives change, we change. Why shouldn’t our beauty follow suite. The only constant in life is change, including our body and mind.These aren’t necessarily the negative thing that they get portrayed as.
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I don’t believe in qualifying phrases before talking about beauty. Qualifying phrases like “they look good for their age.” Change and progression interest me. If everyone stayed the same their whole life, things would be stagnant. Different stages in our lives require different things from us, leading to constant flux and evolution of skills, emotional growth and potential.

Isn’t it more interesting to be recreating ourselves at different stages of life? Evolving into our current selves. Whatever stage that might be.
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I know a lot of women don’t like to be photographed when they get older. My grandmother was one of them. My grandma was in her late 70’s -early 80’s when I was growing up and that is how I remember and cherish her. I have a few photos, but she was always very reluctant for my mom to take photos.

Honor yourself where you are in your life journey. You are ever evolving and always beautiful.

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