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Hi! I’m Elizabeth Zaranka, a San Diego portrait photographer. I specialize in women’s photography.
I’m here to help guide you as you find or celebrate you confidence.

I invite you to join in the movement to not only love yourself but celebrate it with everyone you know. I want women to be defiantly beautiful. To be proud of who they are, where they’ve been and all their experiences. Set aside some time for yourself to envision creating the story of your life.

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Elizabeth Zaranka



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Headshots and portrait images are becoming more and more valuable in
the job market. It’s typically the first thing people see when they look at
your social media pages. There are four different headshot sessions
available based on your needs. Each session is customized for you, so you
receive a portrait that will make a strong impression.

Price : 150$-450$


All Elizabeth Zaranka Portraiture sessions are collaborative and
customized. They include consultations, product guidance, wardrobe guidance, on location session,  viewing and purchasing session,  and photo enhancements.


Price : $250+

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