Local in Focus Kristy from Aesthetic Savoir

Local in Focus Kristy from Aesthetic Savoir

Kristy is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Her encouraging nature and kindness make you feel at ease instantly. She also happens to be very talented at what she does. Kristy owns Aesthetic Savoir in North Park, San Diego. Kristy’s natural beauty and positive personality shine through in our shoot together.
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What made you interested in skincare?
When I was a teenager, I suffered from acne. My mom and my sister have great skin so this was not an issue for them, and had no clue on what to do with me. So, I experimented with all sorts of stuff. This was pre-internet days, so it was everything I could find in a Cosmo mag or from friends. It was not pretty. By the time I was in my late teens I had scaring from acne and picking. I was always pretty self-conscious but I also felt like it was normal, everyone seemed to have a little acne.

My mom suggested I should go to beauty school when I graduated High School, but I was actually more interested in the hair portion. I dressed edgy and listened to punk rock so, I felt like I could really rock that lifestyle. Turns out I was not very good at hair, and it gave me crazy anxiety to even have someone sit down in my chair. But, then we started learning about aesthetics and I was very intrigued. I started applying the knowledge I was getting in school on my own skin, and it started working! I was hooked instantly. I loved the science, the instant gratification, and the feeling I got while doing facials, waxing and makeup. I knew that was where I was supposed to be.

What benefits do you find your clients have?
I actually love it when I get a client that is just at their wits end with their skin. Because I know I can help. Once they realize they are not stuck with whatever skin ailment they have been dealing with, and actually see some relief, it’s awesome! You just see them light up. I love hearing about how they got a compliment on how their skin looked.
kristy from aesthetic savoir studio portrait

What is the biggest misconception people have about skincare?
I would say the biggest misconception about skincare is that it has to be complicated or expensive for it to work. Not true. Actually, it needs to be simple, with quality products you like and that are in your price range so you will actually use them. The skincare market is pretty competitive so there are some great products out there in a range of pricing.

If people could do this one thing for their skin what should it be?
Well, it’s 3 things but they’re simple. Keep it clean, like really clean. Not scrubbing clean but with a good facial cleanser that has enzymes or alpha beta hydroxy acids.Then, moisturize. Always, moisturize, after getting the skin clean or even just wet. It’s the best way to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. Last but not least, sunblock. It MUST contain zinc and/or titanium dioxide, if it doesn’t its actually just a sunscreen that will still filter in UV rays, which cause, cancer, wrinkles and dark spots.

When did you realize you wanted to work for yourself?
I had been working for a doctor and nurse practitioner in the medical aesthetics field and I was really inspired by the way they ran their business. I started to think about how I could do something like their practice but on a much smaller scale. I loved the fact that they could choose what kind of environment they wanted to work in, the patients they wanted to work on and the freedom to choose what kind of treatments they wanted to do. I worked for many spas in the past, and I would do treatments I didn’t really like to do, I would work on clients I didn’t really jive with and would then be working in an environment I wasn’t the most comfortable in. So, I thought, wait, I can do this too!

kristy from aesthetic savoir
What’s been your favorite customer moment?
My favorite customer moment was when I had my two-year anniversary party and over 100 people came with their friends and some brought their families to celebrate. Some came up to me to tell me how I’ve made a difference in their skin health and that was a bonus, because of the relationships we had built. Some left me cards and presents. My heart is still fluttering just thinking about it.

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