You can always tell when people gain that confidence that wasn’t there a moment before. It’s very real and there’s a sense of vulnerability being in front of the camera.
There’s always that break through moment when people begin to feel comfortable in their own skin. You can feel the confidence as it builds from a certain shyness to a quiet, strong confidence. The kind of confidence that does not need to shout. It has always been there, but just needed the right opportunity to come out and show itself, after the person realizes they can do this and anything else they want.

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But how do you get confidence?
Ask yourself what kind of voice of you using when you have those inner monologues. Are you treating yourself kindly? Most people would say yes right off the bat, but take a moment to think about it a little more. Are you using the best voice you can for yourself? The one you use with your friends when they need your support. The one that is a cheerleader for other people not because they feel they have to be, but because inside they feel a joy for their friend that they’ve been successful or had something wonderful happen to them. Use that voice for yourself.
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When you feel at your best, accomplished and ready to take on a new challenge, think of all those moments when you were in that space. Use that voice for yourself.
What happens when you are in that space? You come alive and are no longer in your head but in the present enjoying yourself. You have focus that isn’t normally there. Feeling what it feels like to be the truest form of yourself. When you are in that space, you see things differently including yourself. You realize that the potential you had, isn’t just potential anymore, it’s realized. You have extra emotional energy to build others up, knowing that their accomplishments don’t diminish your own. You celebrate others. So celebrate yourself as you would celebrate others in this space.

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Most people aren’t kind enough to themselves, myself included. So know that while you are getting yourself in the right head space, that I will be doing everything I can to reassure you that you are enough. Our session will go at your pace. That when you are unsure of what to do I will guide you. But the best thing you can do is be yourself.

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