Dancing Soul featuring Kay De Mere

Dancing Soul featuring Kay De Mere

Every once in a while you meet someone very special who has a spark to them. Kay is one of those people. Always putting a smile on people’s faces.  She has moved to LA for her dancing career and I miss her, but I know she will do great things.  This shoot was pretty spontaneous, there was a natural flow and confidence in her movements. She has a gift for the dramatic but simple movements, that make it appear deceptively easy. I’ve had Kay try to teach me a few of some moves with little success. I’m not gifted at dancing, but watching her and you want to be able to move like that, to be able to express yourself in the way she does.

Dancer as model

What inspires your dancing?

Real life. My movement tends to be very pedestrian, but is attached to raw emotion. I am inspired by people and art and words and feelings. They all come together when I dance.

A lot of your work is free style, what draws you to that?

I started free styling when I was about eleven. Of course then, my go-to move was an arm wave. Freestyle dance is the absolute best possible way I know to express myself when words fail me. It’s my voice.

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How would you describe your creative process, is it more reactive to the music that has already played or anticipation of the music to come?

I honestly don’t know! In the best moments, I get completely lost. I’m not even sure that I’m listening to the music. I’m just. Being. I feel and I become.

What’s your dream job as a dancer?

I don’t know that I necessarily have a dream job as a dancer. Any job that pays me to dance could be considered a dream job. I think I’d like tour, though. It would allow me to see the world and communicate with it’s inhabitants in the most amazing way.


Do you have any particular dance influences?

I have two that I’ve actually only obtained within the past year. Tricia Miranda and Erica Sobel are my favorite choreographers and each bring out a drive in their dancers that is completely breathtaking.

Kay is also one of the most stylish people I’ve met! Every time I see one  of her outfits, she’s definitely one of the “cool kids” without trying. She has such an ease about her.

Her latest ventures include making music performing at small venues in Los Angeles. She is interested in creating a whole piece. That is to say, the music and choreography, as well dancing the piece herself. She says ” I want to create music that is real to me, and that I can then translate further into movement. I want my art to be the most honest embodiment of myself.

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