The 100 Year Old Print

The 100 Year Old Print

Originally posted August 20th, 2014

While I was in Colorado, I of course browsed through our family photos and portraits. My uncle has a plethora of images, some of them I haven’t seen before of relatives long ago. I was blown away at how old some of these photos were.  There were photos of my great- great-grandparents and of my great-grandmother, Esther, as a teen in Sweden before she moved to the States and eventually to San Diego. Photos of my grandmother when she was a baby, and as a young woman. Some of these photos were over a 100 years old, and here they were still intact and for me to look at.

Here’s an infographic to show the power of prints.

Prints vs. Digital

And for those of you that are curious here are some of the prints I found. In order my Great great grandparents, my great grandmother Esther, and my beautiful Grandma Elizabeth. I plan on fixing the scratched images and having a book made of all the cool family portraits I have.

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