This Session is About You

This Session is About You

Do you ever worry your photos won’t turn out like the ones you see on your social media? Maybe you feel like you won’t look as pretty, put together or natural as them?

Well there is good news! You don’t have to worry about that, because they shouldn’t be exact replicas. A photo session is about you and your journey. You earned this life and have worked hard to find yourself.

And there’s more good news! You don’t have to live your life based on anybody’s normal or standards, whatever you want to call them. Embrace yourself and your beauty standards. Be comfortable as yourself and the confidence will shine through in your images.

What I love about photographing people, is that everyone is different. You have distinct and fun ideas of where and how you want to be photographed, than the next person. Everyone dreams of something that speaks to them. While it’s OK to find inspiration in other images, you should always aim to make your session yours. The only thing that ever photo session has, is the wanting of an experience that you will remember and images that make you feel inspired.

I want you to look at your images and LOVE them. To think they truly capture you, not someone’s idea of you, but your personality, your life, you.

So let’s forget about making your images look like someone else and focus on the only thing that matters during your session. Which is you. And how you’ve dreamed of being photographed. Today we take away the stress, the fear, of being photographed and turn it into something fun. Something to look forward to, something to look back on once it’s over. And for those few hours focus of being in this in this creative mode, making something beautiful, making something special because it’s you.

Make room for unplanned little moments that make the photos stand out and realize that this could only happen on your photo session, because only you are you.

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